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Bird’s-eye Perspective of the Historic Core of Hyderabad Viewed from the North (1925)

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Brahma Kshatriyas of Hyderabad / Hyderabad

This is a bird’s eye view of Charminar area from the north and I came across this map commissioned by Hyderabad Municipal Survey in the Massachusetts Institute for Technology, MIT library as part of my research. This is the general area in which the #BKC lived for a number of years.Professor Karen Leonard, of University of California, Berkley acquired all the maps while she was pursuing her anthropological research on another caste group- the Kayasths of Hyderabad. […]

Paraath or large plate

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Brahma Kshatriyas of Hyderabad

A brass plate or paraath, utilized in a large family orcommunity gathering was borrowed by people in the neighborhood. It is 18 inches in diameter and is about five pounds in weight. This particular plate belonged to my husband’s family and it was a token return gift at a wedding, and all the members of this particularwedding party, in 1911, received it. The inscriptionwritten is the name of the person who got married- a symbol of syncretism. It reads “Eknath Pershad, grandson of Nand Lal” and it is written in Urdu which was the medium of instruction and common parlance through the 1900s in […]

A note about the banner picture.

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Brahma Kshatriyas of Hyderabad

The banner holds three images from the community. The first is the image of a paraath or a plate (here it is made of brass) and has the inscription that reads “Shaadi Eknath Pershad nehera Nand Lal” meaning “at the wedding of Eknath Pershad who is the grandson of Nand Lal”. The second is a group picture at the wedding of Parmanand Das Waghray in 1945, with compliments from Savitri Bai and this last part […]

Brahma Kshatriyas of eminence in Hyderabad

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Brahma Kshatriyas of Hyderabad / Community

Chairman, Political Reforms Committee:  Rai C. Bal Mukund Waghray Chief Justices of High Court : Bisheshwarnath Waghray, Bal Mukund Waghray, Manohar Pershad Sahgal Chairman, Backward Classes Commission: Manohar Pershad Sahgal Minister in Laik Ali Cabinet: Raj Mohan Lal, Bar-at-Law Secretaries to Government:  H. Ram Lal Shah, Tribhuvan Lal Mahendra, DilsukhRam Sekhar, Bhupender Nath Waghray, Narsing Raj Sahgal, Guru Das Sahgal, Gul Bahadur Sahgal Chief Engineers: Bala Pershad Sekhar, Veernath Rai Shah, Laxminarayen Kishen Waghray, Shivender Bahadur Sahgal (Railways)    […]