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People of BKC, Dr. Vijender Waghray

Dr. Waghray, 93, was an eminent physician of Hyderabad and loved to maintain a book of poems he frequently read out of. He had his education in Mufeed-ul-Annam which was in Urdu and then his medical education was in English. Her he is reading from that book when I met him last year in August. The prominent pieces of poetry are from Ghalib. His … Read More People of BKC, Dr. Vijender Waghray


Lota- an object in a household

Things, artifacts, household items of value to a family that have been preserved. These could be documents like a grandfather’s old passport, a house deed, an old diary, puja items, jewelry, furniture, books, cutlery/crockery and more. It is valuable due to its connection to the past with a story about it. Objects are located in landscapes that consist of people, places and events associated … Read More Lota- an object in a household



Shashi’s mother Mohana Devi from Boggulakunta, Hyderabad showing the paandaan.



Hamaam- the water heater


Chowgda or the spice box

Family Memorabilia, Heirlooms, Antiques, Vintage Elements