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The Charminar gallis or lanes and gotraachar

Mohana Devi says: “Chudi Galli, Talim Galli, Kutta Galli, Dekchi Galli, Gurbanna Galli- we stayed close to each other”. If we imagine a time when some folks are jagirdars (property/land owners) and some without the jagirs (property), this community established rules to control expenses related to weddings and such events. Here is one such example where Govind Chacha and Mohana Chachi talk about the … Read More The Charminar gallis or lanes and gotraachar

People of BKC, Dr. Vijender Waghray

Dr. Waghray, 93, was an eminent physician of Hyderabad and loved to maintain a book of poems he frequently read out of. He had his education in Mufeed-ul-Annam which was in Urdu and then his medical education was in English. Her he is reading from that book when I met him last year in August. The prominent pieces of poetry are from Ghalib. His … Read More People of BKC, Dr. Vijender Waghray

Navigating a Micro History

Raja Kanahiya Pershad and his grandson Dr. Sham Sunder PErshad Kapoor


Historic Core of Hyderabad 1925


Paraath or a large plate

A brass plate or paraath, utilized in a large family orcommunity gathering was borrowed by people in the neighborhood. It is 18 inches in diameter and is about five pounds in weight. This particular plate belonged to my husband’s family and it was a token return gift at a wedding, and all the members of this particularwedding party, in 1911, received it. The inscriptionwritten is the name of the person who got married- a symbol of syncretism. It reads “Eknath Pershad, grandson of Nand Lal” and it is written in Urdu … Read More Paraath or a large plate


A history of the Brahma Kshatriyas of Hyderabad as written by K L Mahendra

An introduction to the Brahma Kshatriyas of Hyderabad


The Mufeed Ul Annam School on the map of Hyderabad 1913

Mufeed-Ul-Anam School, marked on a map along with a Devdi (mansion) of Raja Roop Lal of the BKC.


Brahma Kshatriyas of eminence in Hyderabad

Shaking hands with Prime Minister Nehru is Bala Pershad, Chief Engineer at the inauguration of the Nizam Sagar Dam. Also in the picture is H. Ram Lal (black shervani, extreme right in black eye glasses) who was the secretary to the government.