Brahma Kshatriyas of eminence in Hyderabad

Heads of Institutions

Director, Customs                                          Dilsukh Ram Sekhar

Director, Endowments                                   Raja Trimbak Lal Thakore

Chief Conservator of Forests                      Daulat Rai Sahgal

Addl. Director Medical Services                   Dr. Mrs. Annapurna Vigg

Director, Education                                        Dr. N. Ram Lal Waghray 

General Manager, I.D.P.L.                            Roop Lal Shah

Secretary, Railway Recruitment Board          Govind Lal Waghray 

Chief Commercial Superintendent & GM Central Railways      Arjun Pershad Sekhar

Chairman, APSRTC and Hyderabad Allwyn Metal Works           Guru Pershad Sekhar

Eminent Doctors

Personal Physician to the Nizam  Major Dr. B. Shiv Raj Shah

Professor, Osmania Medical College     Dr.Satyanarayan Sahgal

 Suptd, Sarojini Devi Hospital                  Dr. P. Ramchander Desai

 RMO, Osmania Hospital                         Dr. Tulsi Das Sekhar

 Head, Orthopaedic Dept. Osm, Hospital     Dr. Dharam Rai Thakore

 Suptd, Fever Hospital                                Dr. KaranPershad  Sekhar

 Suptd, Osmania Hospital                       Dr. Vijender Nath Waghray

 Suptd, Osmania Hospital                     Dr. Binode Kumar Sahay

 Cardiologist, Gandhi Hospital              Dr. Bansi Lal Vigg

 Suptd, Maternity Home, Sultan Bazaar        Dr. Chandrakala Sahay

 Suptd, Sadhuram Eye Hospital       Dr. Shyam Sunder Pershad Kapoor

Director, Medical Services                             Col. Kailash Nath Waghray

Minister in Laik Ali Cabinet: Raj Mohan Lal, Bar-at-Law

Chief Justices of High Court : Bisheshwarnath Waghray, Bal Mukund Waghray, Manohar Pershad Sahgal

First Woman Session Judge: Smt. Daya Devi Burman Mahendra

Judge, High Court and Chairman, A.P Administrative Tribunal:  Upender Lal Waghray

Sessions Judges : Shanker Pershad Mahendra, Ram Lal Kishen Waghray, Jitendernath Waghray, Nauratan Lal Waghray, Mohan Lal Waghray, Mahesh Narayan Mahendra, Rupender Pershad Sahgal

Prominent Members of BKC

Chairman, Political Reforms Committee:  Rai C. Bal Mukund Waghray
Chairman, Backward Classes Commission: Manohar Pershad Sahgal
Secretaries to Government:  H. Ram Lal Shah, Tribhuvan Lal Mahendra, DilsukhRam Sekhar, Bhupender Nath Waghray, Narsing Raj Sahgal, Guru Das Sahgal, Gul Bahadur Sahgal
Chief Engineers: Bala Pershad Sekhar, Veernath Rai Shah, Laxminarayen Kishen Waghray, Shivender Bahadur Sahgal (Railways)                        
Asst. Accountant General: Manohar Lal Waghray
Secretary, Exhibition Society: Bhavani Rai Shah
Legislators: Man Mohan Lal Shah, Khushbadan Lal Mahendra 
Social Workers: Suraj Bhan Waghray, Daya Devi Burman Mahendra, Dr. Padmavati Shastri Waghray, Gayatri Devi Waghray, Laxmi Raj Shah, Hemchander Pershad Ghai 
Army Service: Col. Kailash Nath Waghray, Major Dr. B. Shiv Raj Shah, Major. Shanker Lal Desai, Lt. Col. Bishendar Bahadur Sahgal 
Freedom Fighters: Mahipatram Sahgal, Barrister Kishan Waghray, Karan Rai Sohni, Khushbadan Lal Mahendra, Pramila Mahendra, Amarnath Burman Mahendra , Dr. Parmavathi Shastri Waghray, Amolak Ram Waghray

Excerpted from the Green Book published by Amolak Ram Waghray. In the picture shaking hands with Prime Minister Nehru is Bala Pershad, Chief Engineer at the inauguration of the Nizam Sagar Dam. Also in the picture is H. Ram Lal (black shervani, extreme right in black eye glasses) who was also the secretary to the government. Picture courtesy Raj Kumar Waghray.

2 thoughts on “Brahma Kshatriyas of eminence in Hyderabad

  1. Good work Hema,your post is eye e to our community younger generation,who are not aware of glorious past.Most of our community elders occupied prominent Govt posts

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